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Welcome to the Lair!

2007.06.01. 02:50 :: Zeno Vernyik

I used to have a website in the good old days. But as good old days are always by definition over, I had to find another way of being present online.

Of course, writing a blog is trendy. But I don't really care. I'm not going to refrain from  writing one, just because everyone else does the same. I'm doing it simply because I'm too lazy to create a proper site.

Why Eimi? It means "I am" in Greek. And well, whatever appears here is part of what I am. And also because, as many of my friends and enemies know, E. E. Cummings happens to be my favorite poet/writer/painter/saint/..., and one of his works has the very same title, so it seemed apt to choose this as the title of my online notes. You can get a bit more aquainted through this link. Students of mine can also borrow the book from me... ;-)

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