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Bozkovské Jeskyně

2007.06.04. 21:30 :: Zeno Vernyik

100_0292A few weeks ago, still in the teaching period of the summer semester, we had one of our regular "faculty hikes". This time, we visited Bozkovské Jeskyně. Or well, maybe "we" is an exaggeration here.

The day before, I was still in Brno, but I thought that I was going to arrive in Liberec just in time to join the others. Now, I have to say I wasn't completely wrong. I could've done that if it wasn't for the fact that I remembered the time of our meeting incorrectly. The time I thought was the appointed one for meeting, was in effect the time our train left. So by the time I turned up in the office, it was already too late to catch the train to Jesenný the others were already boarding.

However, as always when I mess something up, there is always a ray of light, or some guardian angel to save the day. Well, it wasn't any different this time, either. My angel wasn't exactly flying then, as one of her feet was still in plaster, but nevertheless she helped me find an alternative connection by bus to Bozkov.

But life wouldn't really be what it is, if that was the end of the story. My connection in Semily to Bozkov wasn't leaving from the bus station where I arrived, but from the main square. So I had to find it in 20 minutes, which I successfully did, only to find out that due to the square's reconstruction, the bus leaves from somewhere else. Surprisingly, given the rather limited time available, I managed to find the square, get on the bus, and then find my way to the entrance of the cave.

Only to find out that because guided tours leave only every second or third hour, depending on the number of visitors, the others were forced to enter the cave without me. Only one of them was left behind to wait for me. So, all in all, although I could participate in our trip, I missed the cave completely.

We still had a lot of fun in Bozkov, and we had a really enjoyable and relaxing little hike back to Jesenný, though. And, as I consider all such events more as occasions for socializing than as sightseeing opportunities, I wasn't disappointed at all. It's quite typical of me, though, to end up being forced to invent my own way of fitting my plans into schedules to actually manage what I wanted to do.

Maybe I should get more organized. Maybe. But only maybe. I'm afraid my life would lose it's adventurous character and primary charm then.

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