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Čárodejnice and co.

2007.06.10. 12:32 :: Zeno Vernyik

Čárodejnice - a real Czech family garden party This is going to be another retrospective entry, so you might be tempted to say that I'm more or less living in the past. You may be right. But there is, of course, as usual, a much more down-to-earth reason for most of my entries of late referring to things I did at least a month ago: I simply do not have enough time for my blog to keep up with the pace of what is happening to me out there, where the truth is, as we all know.

Let's return to the beginning of May. The time of witch-burning, and lighting lamps. Oh yes, and kissing your beloved girl under a cherry tree. Unfortunately, for reasons not to be disclosed here, I couldn't follow the latter one, but at least I was invited to a real family čárodejnice.
Čárodejnice - me and my lantern
  I had my own lantern, which apparently everyone liked a lot. Or at least they kept paying compliments to my "stylish lantern". I can't get rid of the feeling though that maybe it was only because it had little pink flowers, so it wasn't exactly masculine in its design. I really don't know, judge it for yourselves.

The fact that I am Hungarian, was apparently a chief source of entertainment, as everyone tried to learn a few phrases or words, which they then kept reciting throughout the evening.

This little game, however, started the day before when we visited the medieval pub together. Which in itself, was quite a feat, we even played a game of torture, trying to see, who is going to be the one who gives it up first. Of course, it was me.

Sweet evenings, both of them. They came at a moment, when I was real down and could make me happy, and at the same time, they made me feel that I have some roots. Thank you. Dětenice - the torture game Dětenice - the loser has to wear the sign Dětenice - we are happy

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