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Baking muffins

2007.06.11. 22:26 :: Zeno Vernyik

Mixing the ingredientsOne day, a few weeks ago, on a Wednesday, I got the idea that I would bake some muffins. Not that I had ever tried baking them. That was of course for the first time in my life. But I tried to make some pleasant surprise for someone really important.

So, to make it happen I had to get to Liberec from Brno as fast as possible. It was during the first week of the exam period, and I had a lot of students who wanted to take an exam in AS2 at 16.10, and some more at 18.00. In the morning I was, of course, still in Brno, as usual. My idea was to get on the EC arriving from Hungary at 9.50, and then to get on the Jablonec nad Nisou bus in Hradec Králové. But the train seemed to get slower by the minute, and at around 9.20 it seemed already hopeless.

Therefore, I decided to check out the possibilities with Student Agency at the Grand Hotel station in Brno. I hoped to get on a bus at say 10.00, however, when I asked which is the first bus they have a ticket for at 9.28, they said they have one for the one that departs at 9.30. Apparently, someone above was trying to lend a helping hand. If I could catch that bus and the earliest connection in Prague, I had a possibility to arrive in Liberec two hours earlier than I originally planned. I had to run of course. I almost lost my trousers, actually, but I caught the bus.

Watching it bakeAnd the exact same thing happened in Prague after traveling in the underground from Florenc to Černý most. I got there at a time when the bus to Liberec was about to leave in three minutes. As a traveller with routine, I decided to run straight to the bus, as you can usually buy tickets from the bus driver, as well. Not this time, though. They said that this particular bus had no cash register, at all. But they encouraged to run back upstairs to their ticket office, buy a ticket and then catch the bus. All that in roughly two and a half minutes. :-) Well, I managed!

Once in Liberec, I went straight away to the university, compiled a test for AS2, and then called my friend Míša, whose mother was about to lend me their muffin-making pan. Well, I found out that her mother could only meet me at Fügnerová after 16.15, which was already too late for me, so I ventured to get on a bus, pick up the pan at the place Míša's mother works, get on the first bus back and then rush to the university. It actually succeeded so well that I even had time to buy the little paper cups in the stationery shop across L***é K****y. I got back to the university just in time to open the door of S5a, and hand out the tests.

The (not so perfect) muffins themselvesAfter finishing the tests at around 19.30, we went for a late – and fast – dinner with Syrena, and then visited I*******r to buy the ingredients, went home, and started preparing the blueberry muffins, and then baking them. At first I was quite nervous, and the first batch was far from perfect, but the second one, was quite OK.

I was actually quite lucky, as a few members of our faculty were just celebrating their birthdays on the following day, so I could give the majority of the muffins to them, and a few select ones (the best ones) to the person I originally meant them for.

Fortunately, the muffins seemed to be a huge success in both cases. Those surprised, smiling faces were worth all the rush and effort.

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Vivien Vernyik · http://www.myspace.com/viviennebabe 2007.06.18. 20:38:05

Hey Mr.Chef! :-D
I see you wrote about your muffins. They were so nice :-). I hope you will make me some next year, for my 16th birthday :-)...
I'm sorry for the mistakes, but you know my grammar is bad!

Zeno Vernyik · http://zenovernyik.blog.hu 2007.06.18. 22:09:31

Your English seems fine to me, no need to apologize. As for the muffins, you bet I will bake some for you. :-)