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Wednesday English Party

2007.12.15. 15:38 :: Zeno Vernyik

All Together (But Me)The custom of having a Pub Night every Wednesday in Česká Beseda is already becoming a venerable old piece of tradition, as it is on the verge of turning roughly one and a half years old. Roughly I say, because I have no idea when exactly was the first meeting held. It is obviously not one of those fancy or highly academic things that people usually think of when the words "custom," or "tradition" are mentioned. No, this is obviously way more down to Earth and humble both in its aims and its execution. But with all this, I have grown really used to it over those months, and I have to admit that I would miss it if for any reason it had to end.

The GuysOf course, there is no reason to think of it as something that is heading towards its end. It is true that the interest in it is not constant, and there are better days and worse ones, but that is quite normal with almost everything one organizes. There are weeks that there are only 3 or 4 of us, including me, and there are weeks that 15-16 is a good estimate. Fortunately, when there are a lot of students, I am usually not the only teacher around either, as I would clearly not be able to keep so many people talking in English without some help.

Honzík and the Beautiful GirlsWhat has changed? Not much really, we are still meeting at the same time, in the same restaurant. Its name changed, its interior was remade some months ago, but the place kept its spirit and atmosphere, or maybe got even better than it used to. Honzík, the best waiter in Liberec, is still there too, juggling glasses, making jokes, and simply being fun. The students attending the meetings are not the same. There are two or three hardcore supporters who have kept coming since the very beginning, but most of the faces are new. Some people come only once or twice, others keep coming for a long time, then we never see them again. And there are people who turn up from time to time, but are not regular participants.

Discussion over some beer There is one important change though. In the past when Švihadlo closed we usually went to a different place depending on how many of us remained, how we felt and so on. In short, there was no favored place for the rest of the night. Fortunately, Honzík helped us out in this respect, recommending his favorite place. And the pub is just great for our purposes: it is open long enough, it usually has enough space to accommodate us, and they have darts and table football, so if some of us has grown tired of just talking, there is the possibility to have some fun playing. What is more, it is just round the corner, so we don't even have to walk far.

Playing Darts #1Playing Darts #2Playing Darts #3Playing Darts #4Playing Darts #5

I have to thank my friend Tim at this point, too, for the excellent organizational work he keeps doing. He has brought a lot of new people to the event, and very nice guys and girls at that. What is more, some of them seem to stick which is just wonderful.

This week, some excellent photos were taken too, some of those are used here to illustrate the entry. Many-many-many thanks due to Kateřina for bringing a camera and letting us play around with it. Not to mention that she usually happens to walk around flaunting a really amazingly beautiful pony tail, for which I am even more grateful. Those of you who know me, can probably guess why...

Oh, and one more thing. The night has proved that girls and snakes - as we all know since the story of Eve - well, they go quite naturally together. The SnakeThe Snake #2

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