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When I Had My Own Ponytail

2007.12.31. 14:47 :: Zeno Vernyik

My Oldschool Central European "Rocker" ImageI won't waste too many words on my relationship with long hair, nor on the even more direct and strong attraction between me and ponytails and pigtails. This is a rather well-known fact about me by now.

At the same time, when we end up talking about this topic over a few beers (which happens rather often), I often mention that I used to have long hair myself when I was in high school. This usually results in people expressing their doubt about the credibility of such a piece of information. Why such a reaction occurs I can only guess, but I can think of two reasons: they either have a rather poor imagination, or they simply find my personality incompatible with the hairstyle, or with its connotations.

Whichever is the case, they are wrong. Take a look at the three photos attached. The first shows me waiting for the next lesson to start during the lunch break; in the second I am after a game of frisbee with some of the girls, and the third photo features me at the school leavers' gala evening, dancing the mambo (but not number 5).

And yes, there in the third, hanging from the back of my head, was my very own ponytail. But as I always say, having your own is not the same as playing with someone else's. I know it from experience.
Playing with the Girls :-)Dancing at the School Leavers' Gala Evening

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