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I Carry Your Heart

2008.01.18. 03:27 :: Zeno Vernyik

I am not going to write too much, because whatever I put down would only spoil the thing that I want to show you. It is a video I found quite accidentally on YouTube. A -- to me -- quite unknown youtuber, apparently Polish, set a poem by E. E. Cummings to music. She is called Julka and she quite positively has talent.

This, in itself, is not surprising, quite a few people have done that before her. What is touching is the extraordinary simplicity and beauty of the interpretation. Plus, it really is in complete harmony with the "message" of the poem.

And, the poem also beautifully expresses what I happen to experience these days. Julka and Cummings, thank you.

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Lada Pazout 2008.02.15. 12:06:25

Nice to see your blog my favourite English teacher (sorry but it´s true) and all the stuff :-), epecially the party photos (I look realy great :-)

Anyway, it´s a really nice song I played it more than once and that means something.

Looking forward for the next English party with you and the others Englishdepatmentpatyhumanbeings

Zeno Vernyik · http://zenovernyik.blog.hu 2008.02.15. 13:38:26

Nice to see someone commenting. :-)

The next party is on Tuesday at 20:00. The usual place, of course.

Happy to know that you like the song too.