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My Birthday Party

2008.04.19. 23:52 :: Zeno Vernyik

Making the halušky/nokedliRegular readers of my blog are probably used to the fact that most of the entries here are retrospective. The reason is obvious: I either have too many things to do to document them straight away, or I'm simply lazy, or both. The same is true of my birthday celebration: it has finally reached the stage of getting its own entry almost three months later.

I didn't plan anything special: simply invited my closest friends and the girl who captured my heart to a dinner and some common drinking and talking to my place. Unfortunately, quite a few of them were not able to accept my invitation due to various reasons, but still, enough of us gathered to have a delightful evening. And, most importantly: SHE was there.

Káťa and the pörköltI decided to cook some Hungarian dish, and the decision finally fell on sertéspörkölt nokedlivel, in Czech vepřový perkelt s haluškami, and in English, well, never mind... It is easy to prepare and quite delicious, so I hoped for general appreciation and success. The only tiny mistake in my plans was caused by an uncounted upon circumstance: one of my guests happened to be a vegetarian, but fortunately, we could solve it without too much hassle. Other than that, the dish satisfied my expectations: most people had positive comments about it and enjoyed it a lot.

Jo, Eurik and Káťa, while in the background we are making haluškyJiří and Me Verča Hmm, I don't remember this guy's name...

I usually feel depressed and miserable on my birthdays, for two reasons. On the one hand, I am thinking over my past life and my future prospects, on the other, I remember my best friend who died on the night of my birthday. This night, however, my friends helped me overcome these negative feelings, and I felt just excellent on my birthday for the first time in years. I am really grateful.

SyrenaHaving finished the dinner, we spent most of the evening eating Syrena's cookies, drinking wine and other good drinks and discussed bigger and smaller questions of life, as it usually goes at such occasions. I received very nice and personal gifts, but more importantly I also got a lot of love from everyone.

Later on Syrena had the idea to go and have some dirty dancing at a local club, so we all headed for one of them. Well, the music was just horrible, because we were unlucky enough to end up there at a time when they had a night of industrial hardcore. But there are things louder than any type of music, and sometimes a pair of hearts can be just that. In the middle of all that noise, something unbelievable happened: my dreams came true, as my love kissed me, and we ended up dancing slow and romantic in the middle of the dancefloor.

That night my life changed. I received the most beautiful gift: the love of the person I ached to call my love. Sometimes miracles happen. My Love and Me

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