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Words into Pictures

2008.04.19. 17:51 :: Zeno Vernyik

Words into Pictures - Dust Cover FrontWords into Pictures - Dust Cover BackFinally, it is here. The first book-length project I'm (at least partially) responsible for is available in a material form. The volume Words into Pictures: E. E. Cummings' Art Across Borders hit the shelves some time ago. In addition to part of the editing work, there is an essay of mine in the book, I wrote the introduction and the chronology is also my work.
We started working on the volume early in 2006 with my friend and colleague Jiří Flajšar. A bit more than two years have passed since, and it was worth it. Not only, and not even primarily because there is now a book with my name on the cover, but also because I got to know a lot of friendly and talented scholars in the process, and because the volume -- with all its problems -- is beyond my original expectations. The contributors deserve all the praise and gratefulness for this.

The book is available for ordering through several sites of Amazon (UK and US, for example), Blackwell and Waterstones, as well as the brilliant Estonian Krisostomus. (Maybe other ones, too, but I have no information about them right now.) More information about the book can be found on the website of Cambridge Scholars Publishing, our publisher. Where, amongst other things, you can also peep into the book through the sample pages they provide.

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